Dating in College in a Nutshell

We’re in college, and along the way, in our journey to our degrees, love typically finds its way into our lives. Each person we date comes with positives and negatives, and some relationships work out while others don’t. Regardless of whether or not it worked out, we end up learning about the way we love and what we look for in a significant   Here’s my outlook on the different college stereotypes when it comes to dating and what we learn from each of them.

The Athlete

When it comes to college athletes, to many of us they automatically become ten times hotter than the rest of the students roaming campus. However, between having practices up to two or three times a day, class work, and study hours… how much time does an athlete have for any form of a relationship?

No matter how nice his butt looks in his baseball pants, or how attractive it is when she scores her third hatrick of the season, a lot of thought needs to be put into the idea of a relationship with an athlete before you go for it. Athletes, a lot of times, also look at college as strictly for sports and education because in the long run, that’s why they’re here.

Dating the star athlete can definitely have its positives and negatives. Nothing feels better than greeting your boo after a huge win, knowing that you’re dating a great athlete, or even having the label of dating an athlete, if that’s what’s important to you. But is your star athlete a dozen others dream guy/girl? Be careful to make sure you find yourself a faithful athlete .


The Greek Life Bae

Some of the best places to party on campus tend to be the sororities or fraternities, in the midst of the parties you may run into a Greek life bae who catches your attention. Greek life dating is definitely not for everyone, but it can work wonderfully for some. Primarily during pledging weeks your Greek life lover will be very into different Greek life activities including spending large sums of time with their sisters or brothers. This is mandatory for them, so you need to accept that.

Dating someone involved in Greek life comes with fun date parties and tons of themed parties to enjoy. Just know when you begin to date, you’re actually getting into a relationship with them as well as the sisters and brothers that are also highly involved in their lives. Not necessarily a bad thing however, you’ll have more friends in each of your classes and always something to do on the weekends.

The Tinder Romance

At some point in the past year Tinder has taken over the social media lives of many college students. This is causing people to search for love via the app rather than getting out there and physically meeting someone in person. Along with allowing so many to hide behind their best selection of selfies, Tinder gives people the opportunity to low-key be with multiple people.

Tinder is not an app where everyone can see who you’re messaging on a daily basis, so how many Tinderella’s does the guy you’ve fallen for over Tinder really have? Or how many guys does your girl message when she’s bored?


The One Who Wants to Marry You

Occasionally, there’s those picture perfect couples we all hear about and can clearly spot from across campus. It happens sometimes that people find the one they’re going to be with for the long run somewhere along the line in their years at college. Men find their “wifey” when she helps him do laundry and cooks him breakfast in bed. Women find their “hubby” when he motivates her whether it’s in the gym or to excel in classes.

For some people, this is the perfect match to find in college. Some people love the comfort of knowing that they can settle down with the one they found so early on in life. However, if you’re someone who would rather spend night after night ‘doing you,’ don’t go looking for anyone who has these intentions.

If you’re looking for this kind of connection, be prepared to learn to balance very well. Make sure there’s time for your loved one, your friends, your schoolwork, and some ‘me time.’

Too College for Relationships

Some people just aren’t cut out for relationships in college. You could be entirely invested in your education and not want to worry about having enough time for a significant other. Or you might be someone who simply wants to play the field and not have to commit to one person. Maybe you would rather just live it up in college and get to as many parties as you possibly can without having to worry about other obligations.

Relationships in college are definitely not for everyone, so if you’re someone who knows straight up that you don’t want a relationship… embrace that! Don’t allow others to make you feel as though maybe you should give them a chance, you might not be able to give them what they want and that’s worse in the long run then never getting a chance.

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