Unconventional Answers to the Question, “Where do babies come from?”

Here are some interesting answers to a common question children have when they are expecting a sibling. It is not recommended you use any of these answers.

“You know how Legos works? Well, we took some of yours and put them in mommy’s bellybutton. Your contribution is appreciated and your sibling thanks you.”

“Deep in Antarctica. Santa has a factory for them there and the penguins help look after them. Scientists say humans don’t live at the poles, but that’s a lie. Its a cover up by NASA, just like the moon landing.”

“Probably from the government by US Postage Service, because if Amazon Prime offered baby delivery services, your sibling would have been here in three days or less.”

“Babys R’ Us. Hopefully they don’t go bankrupt like Toys R Us or the human race is in trouble.”

“If you have a brother he will be from Mars and if you have a sister she will come from Venus. Boys are lucky because they get a first look at our future home colony. Unfortunately for girls, they have to contend with sulfuric acid rain. They are just glad to be living on a planet that doesn’t have precipitation that is hostile to human life.”

“We go out to the forest and ask the nymphs. Then we come back and find the baby under a tree.”