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My Move to Florida

Have you ever had a dream? My dream was to graduate college and move to Florida; that is exactly what I did. My family vacations to Florida during summer every year and I love it there. The beach, the sun, and Disney of course. I love everything about it. I come from a very small, country area, which was never for me.

After school ended in May, I got a call from a marketing/sales company with a job offer. I had two interviews, then received a call asking me when I would be able to start. I decided to do it as soon as possible so. With a short two weeks notice, I starting packing and getting ready for the trip. My boyfriend and I decided that it would be best to drive, so we packed up the car with everything we could fit and started the 15 hour drive to Orlando on June 1st. It was scary and exciting knowing that just in 15 hours I was soon going to be away from the country life and into the city life.

A week later I started my job at Mirse Solutions in Orlando. Normally on my drive through my hometown I would see cornfields and cows, but on my drive to work in Florida I saw Universal and Disney. It was such a difference, but so cool! I went from going down back roads to everything being highway. I spend roughly eight to ten hours a day working. I start out in the office then go out the field, where I do sales. We go door-to-door selling a water service. It is very long and tiring, especially in the Florida heat, but the people I work with and the job is great!

This has been such a great experience and there is nothing I would ever change. I never new that being an annual passholder to SeaWorld and Water Park could be so exciting, but when it is in a place you have dreamed living in forever, it definitely is! Moving so far from my family was more than difficult, but has been a great experience!