People blog and take pictures of the craziest things. Below is a list of interesting blogs & picture sites that have been relayed to me or I have stumbled upon.  Feel free to comment and add your own to the list.

1. Have your parents or relatives ever joined Facebook? Oh Crap, My parents joined Facebook is a blog filled with comments parents have made, status updates, and all around embarrassing situations.



2.   Walmart might just be the best place to see the strangest and most unique people. Be sure to bring a camera on your next trip to Walmart, you may just become the next People of Walmart photographer.



3.  Like to have deep fried oreos at the fair? Sure, why not! Check out some of these fattening concoctions like Deep Fried Bacon or the Rubix Cubewich. Yum!



4.  MLIA is a compilation of status updates of why your life might be average. It just makes more sense than FML! MLIA.

5.  Here is a blog of some really funny signs people have taken snapshots of.

funny30irelandSign from Ireland!