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Things that weren’t normal before COVID-19

Owning several different masks

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In March you may have been hesitant to invest in a reusable face covering, but by now you own a mask for every day of the week. Perhaps one to go with every outfit. They are in your car, purse, and all over your house. Maybe you’ve even ordered one to prepare for spooky season.

Scoping out a quiet spot for a meeting

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As remote learning and working from home became the new normal, family members and pets may not have gotten the memo. Quickly reaching for the mute button during an important meeting has become a necessary skill.

Fearing a coughing person

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While at the store you hear a person in the next aisle coughing and your first thought is ‘coronavirus.’ Your inner germaphobe screams to run as far as you can but the rational part makes you stay put. Five minutes later, you feel a cough coming and know people will think the same about you.

Consciously knowing if someone is closer than six feet

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Everyone likes their personal space, but in the past you may have been fine with someone getting within a few feet of you. Now, you are ever conscious that the person in line behind you is not standing on their “stand here to social distance” marker.

Constantly using hand sanitizer

After a while, the smell of your trusty Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer gets to be a bit much.

Stocking up on toilet paper

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Thank goodness this phase of coronavirus is past, but who knows what item could be next.

Commercials that say “in these trying times”

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You may have noticed that most advertising agencies have been making the best of coronavirus. The main theme is that we are all in this together, meaning you should support us and buy!

What can you add to this list?

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