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How to entertain yourself in a global pandemic as a college student

Speaking for myself, I can say I haven’t lived through a world pandemic before. For the rest of you, this is a new experience as well. Isolation is weird. This isn’t the worst it could be, but not necessarily fun. Spending months in our homes and having to mask up when we rarely leave them is tiring. Is boredom taking over your life? How can we entertain ourselves during a global pandemic?  

  1. Find a New Hobby 

Across social media, I see people posting all sorts of new hobbies that they are picking up. I especially see this new hobby trend across TikTok. Many people have picked up activities like embroidering clothing, crocheting, photography, fitness, and so much more. What can you pick up? Even at Bloomsburg University, many clubs are still active during the pandemic. Join one!

  1. Appreciate the outdoors! 

Go on a hike! There are so many places to go on a hike. Smell the fresh air and look beyond the trees. The outdoors have endless opportunities. Go rock climbing! How about a bike ride? We can’t go in anywhere like we used to, so why don’t we just stay outside? This is your time to get outside and appreciate how pretty the earth is. For Bloomsburg University students, there are many options and ways to enjoy yourself outside. Go to Ricketts Glen and hike! Admire the waterfalls there! Go to Bloom Beach with a group of friends. Bloom Beach isn’t an actual beach, but it’s right by campus. There is a stone “beach” area and water to swim in. Bloom Beach is more like a creek, but it’s very fun to go there with friends. It’s nice and secluded.

  1. Have a day to dress up nice! 

Isn’t it tiring to have so many clothing items that you have nowhere you can wear them to? Have a little fashion show for you or take some “socially-distanced” pictures! Living on campus is hard when you’re stuck in your dorm all day. Put on some nice clothes and feel confident!

  1. Movie Night 

Do you miss movie theatres? Have a small group over to “socially-distance” and watch a movie.  Everyone can have their own bowl of popcorn, get comfy, and have fun! You can watch a classic or even something you’ve always wanted to see. There’s also a new trend called a “Netflix Party” where you can stream a movie across multiple screens and watch together with a group. On-campus, there’s plenty of movie nights to attend. If you miss out, make your own!

  1. Binge a new show 

You’re stuck in front of your screen or TV all day long. Why not start a new show? Specifically, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and other platforms alike are highly recommended for binge-watching. Shows are added constantly to these streaming platforms! Why don’t you start one?  

  1. Get fit! 

Start your own workout and set goals for yourself! You don’t need a gym to get fit. You don’t even need equipment. Get out there and get fit during all this free time you have. It’s lonely sitting around all day and being lazy. Get up and do your thing! This is the perfect time to start working out. If you’re nervous about people seeing you, there’s not really anyone out to do so. You can even do it in your own home. The Student Recreation Center is still open during the pandemic. There are many opportunities to workout in all sorts of ways.

  1. Watch streams of your favorite artists and bands.  

Do you miss live concerts? Watch live streams of some of your favorite artists performing in concert! Many previous music festivals like Lollapalooza, Made in America, and many more post recordings of previous shows onto YouTube for you to watch. You’ll get to see concerts you didn’t even get to see before COVID-19. To make it more fun, invite a small group over to watch with you.

  1. Have a Zoom Party! 

Do you miss partying with your friends? There’s a way to do it! Have your friends join a zoom call and get your party on safe at home while still seeing your friends! You can even add a fun party backdrop to your screen to add some fun! 

This quarantine has provided a time in our lives to set goals and try new things. Yet, we find boredom a lot easier. Get up, get out there (safely), and try something new!  

9. Eat some great food!

Plenty of restaurants are still open for dine-in and takeout. Get a small group of friends and get a good meal! You can go out to eat, or you can stay in with some takeout. Even better, you all can make a feast together. There are endless opportunities for this option!