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On Sunday, March 15, it was confirmed that Luzerne County has its first case of COVID-19.

As of right now, this is the only confirmed case of the virus in Luzerne county. The individual is currently being quarantined at home.

Luzerne county manager David Pedri confirmed in a news conference that the case is travel related.

Pedri has since declared Luzerne County in a state of emergency. While that sounds scary, according to WNEP, it is mainly so that we can have better access to federal and state funds and resources.

David Pedri during his news conference on Sunday, March 15 regarding Luzerne County and the Coronavirus

Pedri said, “But mostly it is this: if you can do it online, do it online.”

Pedri then goes on to say that Luzerne County is prepared and ready for this situation, but urges that public cooperation is key.

According to the Times Leader, Pedri issued a memo to Luzerne County workers stating that if they feel under the weather or flu-like symptoms, to stay home. They were also instructed to cancel any upcoming business trips.

Luzerne county includes cities such as Hazleton, Wlikes-Barre, Nanticoke and Pittston, which are in around a 50-mile radius from Bloomsburg, PA.

This is a developing story.