Connor Bedard, new Blackhawks recruit, scores hat trick in first NHL appearance

#98 scores hat trick. Graphic made by Carly Busfield.

New recruit of the Chicago Blackhawks, Connor Bedard, has scored a hat trick in his first NHL prospect game and overall appearance playing.

Bedard was the No. 1 selection for the Chicago-based hockey team in the 2023 NHL Draft, sporting the jersey number 98.

The talented center posted after the event in St.Paul on X (Formerly known as Twitter), “Too easy.”

Bedard may be one of the most-hyped prospects since Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers in 2015. The rookie took 11 shots at the goal and also added an assist.

According to NHL Staff Writer, Tracey Myers, the young player has not played a game in 5 months sharing Bedard was ecstatic to get back on the ice.

The 18-year-old hockey player is laid-back and just excited to be involved again in the competitive scene. Many viewers, coaches, and other hockey enthusiasts have commented on Bedard’s fierce energy on the ice.

View the Gameplay

Video of Bedard’s Hat Trick from Hockey Draft Central on YouTube.

Playing Style

The rookie has a distinct playing style with moves unlike many other players. His wrist shot, known for accuracy and quick release from the flick of a wrist. Utilizing this style of shooting allows for greater precision of the puck reaching specific quadrants of the goal. He has swift movements across the ice.

From the USA Today scouting report from June prior to the draft, “He supplements elite physical ability by reading and processing play in a manner that very few are able. Steals pucks, finds passing lanes and makes reactionary plays against defensemen so once they commit to a side, he’s already beaten them.”

Centers are an important asset to every team because they are typically responsible for face-offs, guide the flow of the game, and they facilitate plays in addition to scoring initiatives. This makes Bedard, an exciting player to watch this NHL season.

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