“Completely Wrong” Romney and Other Strange Google Searches

With all of the hype surrounding the 2012 presidential election, it’s no wonder Google has decided to put in its own two cents.

Go to Google and do an image search for the words “completely wrong.” The result is Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s face plastered onto hundreds of political memes.

It seems Google has turned into a political junkie, attributing keywords such as “completely wrong,” “had a bad night,” and “a successful dump,” to 2012 presidential and vice-presidential candidates. However, it remains unclear what political party Google has chosen for itself.

Many of the images from the “completely wrong” search are not even fan-made; the first few images come from reliable news sources such as USA Today, ABC News, and CNN.

Romney has been linked to this “completely wrong” Google search based on his comments on 47 percent of America, which exploded onto the internet last month.

Other curious Google searches have also arisen, depicting “had a bad night” as photos of a serious President Barack Obama in mid-debate with Romney. Another popular search is “a successful dump” depicting a cheerful and smiling Vice-President Joe Biden.







Each of these searches can be attributed to statements made by Obama and Biden as well. Although for many Americans, it may be more satisfying to believe Google is the answer to all.