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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Ranked Among Top Employers in the State

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In a Press Release Wednesday, Governor Josh Shapiro announced that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ranked among the top employers in the State according to workers in a new survey conducted by Forbes Magazine.

“My Administration has made clear from day one that we are expanding opportunities to those who want a career in public service – whether they are a recent college graduate or have years of relevant experience outside of the classroom. The Commonwealth offers Pennsylvanians a chance to serve one another every day,” said Governor Shapiro. “We’re emphasizing skills and experience in hiring for government jobs and state troopers, investing in mental health resources for our employees and their families, and expanding internship and apprenticeship programs to bring more people into state government to create new pipelines for talent.” 

Governor Shapiro made it a point to expand opportunities to Pennsylvanian residents. Shapiro promised to open opportunities for Pennsylvania residents during his visit to Bloomsburg. On his first full day in office, he issued an Executive Order eliminating the four-year degree requirement for a majority of state jobs, opening over 60,000 jobs to non-college degree holders.

Shapiro’s Administration has focused on skills and experience during the hiring process. While also creating a pipeline for future job seekers opening internships for High School and College students. 

In another recent survey by Forbes and Statista, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was ranked nationally as a top employer by recent college graduates. These results are consistent with research showing that many younger workers prioritize working for an employer that has a positive impact on the world.



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