Have you ever wondered where in Bloomsburg you can go to see exotic animals, enjoy amusement park rides, eat greasy food, and see an international superstar perform all in a matter of a few hours? If you answered yes, then the Bloomsburg Fair is for you.

As one of the biggest fairs in the Northeastern United States, it is not uncommon for the Bloomsburg Fair to draw in crowds of up to 100,000 people daily. The fair has been an annual staple in the town of Bloomsburg since 1855, and continues to this day. Usually taking place during the final week of September, fairgoers flock to the grounds located at the end of Main St. to experience all the attractions that the event has to offer.

Upon entering the gates, the Bloomsburg fair might cause some to experience sensory overload. Bright, multicolored lights from amusement park rides and games shine from one end of the fairgrounds. The smells of nearly every food one can imagine blends together and fills the air. Workers posted at the various stands yell out to the people passing by in an attempt to garner interest in what they’ve brought to the fair. There is certainly a lot to see, hear, smell, and taste.

Aside from typical amusement park rides like the Ferris wheel or the Italian trapeze, there are also plenty of games of chance for fairgoers to play. These games usually have players compete against each other or participate in a somewhat rigged game. An example of one of these games could be throwing a small ring around the neck of a bottle three times to win a prize. While it may sound difficult, the prizes you could win at the Bloomsburg Fair are usually desirable and range from an oversized, stuffed animal to a brand new bicycle. Depending on the game, players could even win new, unboxed technology such as an Apple iPad.

Those not interested in rides or games could visit the many local artisans and food vendors who reserve a spot at the fair. Fairgoers could purchase new home décor from a local wood worker, clothing from a local store’s pop-up shop, a pet from a local kennel, or even arrange a deal to buy a new car from a local dealership. These are among the many different types of things that are available to buy at the fair. On the food side of things, there are even more options. The typical fair food you might expect such as hamburgers, pizza, and fresh-cut French fries are covered, but there is also plenty of food that you can only experience at the Bloomsburg Fair. Deep-fried Oreos, gyros, and Kohr’s orangeade are among the list of the most popular food available at the fair, and multiple stands selling them are typically sprinkled throughout the fairgrounds.

Other attractions at the Bloomsburg fair range from the aforementioned concerts and exotic animal shows to monster truck shows and helicopter rides over the town of Bloomsburg. In addition to animal shows, there is also a petting zoo where anyone is allowed to pet and feed common farm animals. National music artists and other special attractions put on a show in the grandstand nightly for an additional fee. Notable past performers at the Bloomsburg fair include Taylor Swift, The Beach Boys, REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, among others.

I, personally, have attended the Bloomsburg fair almost yearly since I was a child, so take it from me when I say that it’s a very unique experience that every Bloomsburg University student should partake in. This year’s fair runs from Sept. 21-28 so make it a point to attend one of the country’s biggest fairs where there is literally something for everyone.

If you would like more information regarding the Bloomsburg Fair, please refer to the official fair website located at www.bloomsburgfair.com