aquarium fishOn Thursday, there was a chemical mix-up in the Texas State Aquarium that  killed almost 400 fish.  According to CNN, the aquarium thought it was using the drug trichlorfon, but actually used an “isomer of hydroquinone treatment.” Hydroquinone is a toxic chemical usually used as a stabilizer in film processing,  paint, motor fuels and cosmetics.

The aquarium said the containers were mislabeled. So, when the Corpus Christi facility’s fish tank was supposed to be getting a parasite treatment, it ended up getting a hydroquinone treatment instead. tiger fish

Three hundred and ninety eight fish were killed, including the location’s iconic male sand tiger shark. CNN says, “The fish inhabited several large habitats, including the Islands of Steel exhibit and the Flower Gardens exhibit.”

This chemical mix-up is being called “the most significant loss of marine life in our 25-year history,” by the aquarium.

The tanks are being decontaminated and the aquarium has already gotten a shipment of fish from the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine, Texas.