Student Voting



On Tuesday Nov.6,  the world will ask a question, “Romney, or Obama?” This answer will change not only America’s future, but the world’s future, as well.

Many American’s, along with BU student’s, may ask, “Why should I vote”?

On a BU student survey, 21 students out of 30 were registered to vote, but only 18 said they would vote in November.

“I always thought voting was important, I want to participate in it,” said Kristina Black, a BU student registered to vote.

Kristina later said, “We are one of the few nations that have the opportunity to choose our president, and have the right to vote, I feel like everyone should participate, because other nations do not necessarily have that right.”

Sawyer Davies is a BU student registered to vote, but is choosing not to in November. Sawyer said, “I have no interest in politics, I registered to get people off my back.”

            On a visit to the Columbia County Democratic Committee, on 246 West Main Street, Bloomsburg Pa., officials commented, by saying, “Students might think these issues don’t effect on a personal level in everyday life.”

Officials continued by saying, “The lack of enthusiasm in students to vote might come from different home lives, some families might be open about politics, where others may have never had these conversations at home.”

Come November, will President Barack Obama, a Democrat, call the White House home for another four years, or will Mitt Romney, a Republican, win America’s prime real estate?




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