Graduation 2012

Two, soon-to-be graduates of Bloomsburg University, Madeline Kearney and Gina Marie Guarino, are looking forward to starting their future after Saturday May 12, 2012. These seniors have made many memories here at Bloomsburg, and plan on creating many more as college graduates.

Kearney is a Business Management major with a concentration in Human Resources. She is currently doing an internship at the Bloomsburg’s Human Resource Department in the Waller Administration Building.  Kearney stated, “College has been a crazy experience, I have learned a lot about myself throughout the four years here and I’m finally happy I found what I wanted to do for a career.”

Finding what you want to do with the rest of your life can be challenging, but for Kearney, she knew right away.

“At first I was not sure what major I wanted, but once I started taking a few of the classes for it, it just clicked.  I suggest to other students who do not know what path to take, use your general education classes as a trial run and see what you’re good at and what makes you happy, that’s what I did and it worked out great for me,” she said.

For some, graduating can cause  conflicting feelings.  The stress of tests, papers, scheduling and lack of funds is greatly reduced, but leaving the friends you’ve made throughout your years in school can be an emotional experience.  For Gina Guarino, a senior Speech Pathology major, graduating will truly be bitter sweet. She states, “I’m not ready to grow up just yet, but I am ready to go out and make money and do something new and exciting with my life.  Just because I’m, graduating doesn’t mean the fun is over, it has actually has only just begun.”  Although making the transition into adulthood will be hard, she says she will take the memories and more importantly the lessons she has learned with her.  “For everyone that is still in school, a piece of advice I have for you is do not give up, college can be complicated and frustrating, but once that day comes and you are ready to walk and get that diploma, all those late nights finishing that paper, or studying for that big exam, it’s all worth it in the end.  You finally did it and it is the best feeling in the world,” said Guarino.

Similarly, Kearny’s experience here at Bloomsburg has also affected her greatly, and she has a positive attitude about what her future holds.  She says, “I will miss Bloomsburg a lot, but at the same time I am extremely excited to start a new chapter in my life,” said Kearney. “I learned so much here at Bloomsburg and my experiences have definitely made me the person I am today. In ten years I hope to be settled down with a good career and a family.”

College is truly a once in a life time experience. It is the last step before you take the big leap into the real world. It is a time in everyone young persons’ life where you make mistakes, make life-long friends, lasting memories and decisions that will change the direction of your future forever.  Kearny and Guarino are just two of the many seniors who will be graduating on May 12, but their experiences, lessons learned, and bonds formed are no doubt shared by all.


Photos below shown in the order of:
Madeline Kearney and Gina Marie Guarino