Chris Christie and the Bridge Scandal

After the alleged Political movement done by Chris Christie, many are raising an eyebrow at Christie’s actions.

Who knew a bridge could bring such controversy? According to CNN, in September, before the governor of New Jersey was re-elected, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey closed two of the three lanes that lead to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, across the Hudson from Manhattan. Because of the closings, it caused major traffic to get into Fort Lee. Fort Lee’s mayor, Mark Sokolich, who’s a democrat, had declined to promote Governor Chris Christie’s election.

The closings were done by David Wildstein, an acquaintance of Chris Christie and the governor’s appointee to the Port Authority, which operates the George Washington Bridge. All of this testified by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on Tuesday, according to CNN. This gave to huge speculation to the Democrats, believing that it was done to get back at Sokolich, which is a bad play of politics.

The administration also testified that the closings were for a traffic study, but on Monday, Port Authority officials testified that a study was never done.

Last month, Bill Baroni, the Port Authority Deputy Executive Director, said that there was a study done to decide if three of the twelve lanes of the bridge were even needed.

So, with this controversy on his back-will Chris Christie run for President in 2016? Time will tell. It does not seem like he is very trusted anymore with both Republicans and Democrats due to this scandal.