On March 4, TMZ released that Chris Brown is allegedly a father to a nine month old baby girl named Royalty. The mother is a 31 year-old model and currently a student as well. Nia Gonzalez, who goes by Nia Amey, and Brown are not romantically together, but they are on good terms according to TMZ.

So, how did Brown’s on and off again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, react to the news of his baby? Not well. She reportedly does not want to ever see him again and broke up with him over Twitter: “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.”

A source told Hollywood Life, “Karrueche will never forget Chris Brown but… she’s so over this dude. The relationship is over. She really can’t do this with him anymore.” The same source went on to talk about how Tran never wants to see him again, and she doesn’t even care about her belongings that he has. She is reportedly “disgusted by him and his deceiving and manipulative ways.”

The news of Brown’s baby is without a doubt surprising, but there is a little more complication between Brown and former girlfriend, Tran. According to Hollywood Life, Brown’s baby mama and Tran are friends.

karreuche-tran-chris-brown-alleged-baby-mama-friends-leadHollywood Life supplied a link to an Instagram picture showing Nia and Tran together. They were leaning on each other and having fun. This picture was posted on May 26, 2013 which was 22 months ago. From crunching out the numbers, this picture had to have been taken about two or three months before Nia became pregnant. Talk about an awkward situation.

According to E! News, Brown has been reaching out to Tran, but she doesn’t want to hear from him: “The source, who also mentions that the pair stopped talking about a week ago for different reasons, told us that Breezy reaches out ‘all day, every day,’ but Tran doesn’t want to hear anything from him right now and has refused to answer his calls.”

In addition to making calls to Tran, Brown is also making calls to Nia. TMZ reported that Brown wants to be active in baby Royalty’s life: “As for Chris’ involvement … we’re told he calls Nia regularly and now says he wants to openly participate in raising the baby.” Nia and the baby currently live in Texas, but Brown has allegedly said that he would be willing to fly there regularly so he can be a part of Royalty’s life.

Nothing is known for sure as to whether or not Brown will be a part of Royalty’s life. All that can really be said about this situation is that it was a big surprise and it is very complicated. Best of luck to everyone involved, especially baby Royalty!