Today, Oct. 1, at the Chanel spring/summer 2020 fashion show in Paris, a woman hopped onto the catwalk, clearly trying to channel her inner supermodel.

Catwalk crasher hopping on the runway to strut her stuff.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

The lady has been identified as comedian and French YouTuber, Marie Benoliel, who is also known as Marie S’Infiltre. Benoliel apparently pulled this prank as a publicity stunt for her YouTube channel.

Wearing a houndstooth matching set, she nearly fit right in with the heavily plaid collection except that her runway walk stuck out like a sore thumb. Benoliel crashed the finale but didn’t make it too far before 24-year-old model Gigi Hadid escorted her off the runway.

Catwalk crasher striking a pose before being escorted off stage.

Photo courtesy of Victor Virgile.

Hadid left her post during the show and calmly placed herself in Benoliel’s path. Benoliel then started to strike a few poses before Hadid put her hand on the woman’s shoulder, leading her off stage and out of the show. Hadid later became a trending topic on Twitter, with many praising the model for kicking the imposter to the curb.

Check out the embarrassing altercation below: