Celebrity Tweets of the Week 2

From TV premiers to political views; see what celebs had to tweet about this week

It’s week two of celebrity tweets and this week’s topics of discussion seemed to focus on some controversial issues.  Two main news stories that sparked the interest of many celebrity tweets were  the Troy Davis execution and the heartbreaking suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer.  On a lighter note, celebs also acknowledged other things such as the premier of Two and a Half Men and Dancing with the Stars.  Be sure to read to find out what your favorite celebs had to say!



Tuesday Sept. 20, 2011:

 RyanSeacrest Ryan Seacrest

hey @aplusk,
love ur subtle return to tv… 28 millions viewers? Congrats bro


joelmchale Joel McHale

First thing my 3yr old said when he
woke up this morning: “Where’s my gun?”


Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011:


 KimKardashian Kim Kardashian

I want to vent about the execution of Troy Davis! He is getting the death penalty
tonight but I believe he is innocent!!! #TooMuchDoubt


 llcoolj LL Cool J

If there is any evidence that Troy davis is potentially innocent. He should NOT be


therealfrancia Francia Raisa

Krazy how there was so much doubt to troy Davis’ case and he was executed but casey
anthony gets to walk away free.



rihanna Rihanna

“I AM TROY DAVIS, and I AM FREE” Never Stop Fighting for Justice and We will
Win! by Troy Davis…We won’t forget you


iamdiddy iamdiddy

“May God have Mercy on their Souls”. “May God Bless your Souls” –
Troy Davis RIP


 ladygaga Lady Gaga

I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey


PerezHilton Perez Hilton

My heart still aches for #JameyRodemeyer and his family. No one should take their life, but gay teens do at a higher rate than their peers.

Thursday Sept. 22, 2011:


AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin

Troy Davis is still dead. The gulf is still contaminated. Fukushima is still


ConanOBrien Conan O’Brien

Should I pay to get my typewriter fixed or just wait for the new iPhone?



StephenAtHome Stephen Colbert

A giant deep-sea squid has been found to be bisexual. Now we know why the
Gorton’s fisherman never married.


TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres

I have so many great followers, it’s high time I gave y’all a nickname. What do
you think it should be? You’re followers of Ellen. Fellens?


Friday Sept. 23, 2011:


ChazBono Chaz Bono

Typical #DWTS weekend… rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal.



justinbieber Justin Bieber

romance isnt dead. treat your lady right fellas. #REAL




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