Celebrating BU Now’s 750th Post!!

It’s been a little over two years since Joe Arleth marked the historic day of the 200th post, and today we are proud to announce we have reached the 750 mark. With some hard work on everybody’s part we have reached this historic milestone as  Nov. 18, 2010 will live on in the history books. Hundreds of people have poured into the streets and this night has only begun!

What began with two pizzas so large, even the man from discovery channels man vs food would have had trouble eating, turned into something so much more. As the entire Bunow team migrated from one side of McCormick to the computer lab for a small awards presentation, the 749th story was published.

Upon hitting the 750 post the whole room erupted with cheers and excitement.

When reached for comment about this day Justin McDonald said “It Feels great to finally accomplish 750 stories, this is a big achievement for BU Now. I feels as if all the hard work and the new design paid off.”

A new layout, press passes for the staff and some amazing new technology on the way, Bu Now has come a long way since its start. BU Now would not have been here without its past leaders and the man of the hour, the person to celebrate tonight, Mike Nacko. Besides Dr. Ganahl, and Professor Santus, Mike Nacko is the only one left from the first generation of BU Nowers. Having setup the initial design and implemented the latest design, BU Now would have a tough time standing without Mike. Thanks Mike!

And of course,  no BU Now celebration would be complete without a resident Bitter Bob. ” This was a small celebration, we should do something bigger next time”

So as we wrap up the evening here we set our eyes towards the future. I realize now, sitting here, that Mr. Bitter Bob has given all of us something to look forward to. For I know that with some hard work and a little luck, we will have a very big party in our future.

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