Celeb Tweets of the Week: Emmy Edition

The first installment of our weekly Celeb Tweets of the week.

Sunday, Sept. 18 marked the 63rd Primetime Emmy’s on Fox.  All of us have our own opinions on who should have won, what the stars were wearing, or “did they really just say that?” However, you may not know the thoughts going through your favorite actors or actresses during it all.  Many well known celebrities took to twitter to voice their experiences and thoughts on the award ceremony.  Some of these tweets may shock you, inspire you, or leave you in hysterics! Enjoy!


ConanOBrien Conan O’Brien

I’m going to streak [at] the #Emmys
today. Look for my red carpet on the red carpet.


helloross Ross Mathews

Having SO much fun in the Skybox at
the Emmy Awards #ERedCarpet with @MissKellyO


DavidSpade David Spade

On way to emmys. Not sure why..



therealzooeyd zooey deschanel

Gettin ready for the Emmys! Woo hoo.



mindykaling Mindy Kaling

were Dothraki I’d kidnap her and force her to be my wife. #poehler


MissKellyO Kelly Osbourne

Another big trend at tonight’s Emmys
is high necked dresses with low backs! What do you guys think is it a good or
bad trend? #EredCarpet


JimCarrey Jim Carrey

Happy Emmy’s.When you’re done
celebrating good ‘old fashion entertainment’ i’ll b waiting 4 u on the cutting


janemarielynch Jane Lynch

Can you hear me now? We’re on the #Emmys



TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres

Are you watching the Emmys? All
those women are brilliant. Congrats to Melissa McCarthy!


SteveMartinToGo Steve Martin

@AlecBaldwin just broke my record for Emmy


KimKardashian Kim Kardashian

I heard The Office Skit I did for
the Emmy’s just aired! Anyone see it? “What is work? Woooorkkk…Am I
saying that right?”


TheMandyMoore Mandy Moore

WINNING dramatic writing category at #EMMYS!
texas forever. 🙂


jimmyfallon jimmy fallon

We’ll get ’em next year. I love
everyone at our show. Thank you guys for watching.


SarahKSilverman Sarah Silverman

Whoever’s writing the voice over
guy’s banter should not do that anymore



@SofiaVergara you’re the most beautiful woman
there tonight!! Stunning!!!!!!


charliesheen Charlie Sheen

Seriously… @aplusk great talking to you! We’ll all be
watching! Make us proud!!


aplusk ashton kutcher

@charliesheen good to meet you too. Wishing
you the best on your new gig.


sethmeyers21 Seth Meyers

The cast of Entourage accepting an
Emmy for Maggie Smith is the most Hollywood sh*t ever.


ElizabethBanks Elizabeth Banks

Team Lannister! #PeterDinklage


llcoolj LL Cool J

Just had a fun comedy moment on the
Emmys….. Crazy tuxedo GODfather hat shell toes…The whole 9…LMAO…


StephenAtHome Stephen Colbert

Whole lotta foreign accents grabbing America’s
golden lady…where is the outrage?!