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Top 5 Spring Break Locations

Spring break is right around the corner, so if you don’t have plans yet you should make them soon. Spring break is a round...

“Average Barbie” and the 6 Most Controversial Barbie Dolls Ever Created

With everyone talking about the so-called “Average Barbie,” it’s time to take a look at some of the most-talked-about Barbies ever created.

Do It Yourself This Halloween

Halloween costumes seem to cost more every year and the skimpier the outfit, the more expensive it gets. Being a broke college student can...

Tattoos in the Workplace: How do You Feel About Them?

When people put together their resumes and portfolios, their first thought usually isn’t, “Will my tattoos be accepted?” People get tattoos for many reasons,...

Top 15 Halloween Pet Costumes of 2013

Halloween means scary movies, candy, and best of all, costumes. Each costume is harder to beat than the last, especially with celebrities setting the...

Instagram Discrimination is Real

One of these photos is accepted on Instagram, and one of them is not. Take a guess.

Halloween Legends: Miller’s Church Road

Originally published Oct. 2011. The leaves have started to change colors, and are beginning to fall from the trees.  People are carving pumpkins, and placing...

Bloom-Sick: The Things I Already Miss

In just a few short weeks our excitement for summer quickly goes away when we realize how much we already miss our second home,...

What Makes Bloom the Only Town in Pennsylvania

Shortly after driving past a rather large sign that read “Welcome to Bloomsburg: The Only Town In Pennsylvania” a probably rather common question came into my mind. Why?

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

It’s that time of year again: the time for Halloween costumes.  Every year there is at least one party you have to attend that...

Dorm Decoration Tips

Not sure how to decorate your dorm? Here are a few helpful tips to give you some inspiration

Two Foxy Icons: Family Guy/The Simpsons Crossover Highlights!

  The inevitable crossover is here! The long anticipated Family Guy/The Simpsons (The Simpson Guy) aired Sunday night. Here are the top five highlights from...

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