Drunk Bus at Bloomsburg University Faces Rumors

Bloomsburg University students have been provided the service of a late night shuttle that transports students to several destination points on both upper campus,...

Bloomsburg Student Headed to Russia for Deaflympics

Some know him as the Alpha Tau Omega brother, some know him for his talents on the Bloomsburg Ice Hockey team, but now he’s about to...

American Idiot Musical Rocks Haas Center

On Friday, March 7, students brought out their inner punk rocker as the American Idiot National Broadway Tour electrified the Haas Center. The musical adaptation...

From sunny to rainy, what’s with this weather?

Lately in Bloomsburg the weather has been messing with our heads. Some days it will be 80 degrees, sunny and beautiful outside. The quad...

Amro Elansari is Not Down With Dean Brown

Editor's Note: Dean Brown was contacted for a response, and although he appreciated our effort, he said that any comments will be made through...

Tami Tango Trio

The Tami Tango Trio tango's their way to Bloomsburg on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

@%#&! Parking Tickets

Bloomsburg University makes about $78,000 in parking tickets a semester. That doesn’t include money for cars getting booted or the money that they charge every student to getting a parking permit each semester.

Homecoming Top Five Announced

Here are BU's top five homecoming king & queen nominees

Vote for BU Homecoming King and Queen

Homecoming 2012 is finally here.  With an exciting super hero theme planned, there will be many fun events planned throughout the entire week. One...

Campus Master Plan

As part of the Campus Master Plan, Bloomsburg University is seeking the feedback and comments from the student body about a new student union. One...

BU Dance Ensemble Fall Showcase

Bloomsburg University Dance Ensemble Fall Showcase Nov. 17 at 6 p.m.

Bloomsburg 2011 Homecoming is Here

Check out the homecoming nominees here!

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