“New York Times” representative Brian Stelter makes guest appearance at “Vote Jam”

  By Zack Sterkenberg With the November 4th election only two weeks away, the Obama and McCain campaigns, along with other republican and democratic candidates running...

Republicans Win Big: A Look At the 2010 Mid-Term Election

The Nov. 2 election results are out! But what do they mean for YOU?

Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary Election

Newt Gingrich, republican presidential hopeful, was named winner of the South Carolina primary late Saturday night. The win has opened up the playing field...

Homecoming Results to be Announced at Tonight’s Open Forum

An open forum will be held at 5 p.m. tonight at Carver Hall in the K.S. Gross Auditorium. President Soltz will be announcing the recommendations that were made to him by a three-person panel that researched the homecoming dance incident last fall. The forum will be available on BU Now though a live stream from any computer that is a part of the Bloom network. The staff will be providing instant coverage from the event.

Pope Speaks For the First Time since Announcing Resignation

Pope Benedict XVI appeared before thousands of faithful on Wednesday Feb. 13, also known as Ash Wednesday to the Catholic Religion, saying his resignation from head of the Catholic Church is “for the good of the church,” thus marking his first public appearance since the devastating announcement.

Paris Terror Attacks Update

The world watched in anguish as Paris went through a massive terrorist attack on Nov. 13.  Six different spots in Paris were attacked by the...

Huge Numbers Leading to Huge Wait Times

Ah yes, it has finally come to be time for the donkey or the elephant to be put in the spotlight; it’s Election Day! Tuesday November 4th, 2008 is the most important day of the year.

Secret Service Reports A Bullet Hit White House Window

NBC Washington has reported that the President's Secret Service discovered a bullet that struck an exterior window on the south side of the White...

President Confirms bin Laden’s Death

Osama bin Laden is dead. After years of searching, it has been announced that the master-mind of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001...

Andy Rooney, ’60 Minutes’ Commentator, Dies at 92

Emmy Award winning writer dies of complications of undisclosed surgery

Bloomberg Follows up on Terror Threat

Mayor Bloomberg kept up his "don't panic, just be vigilant" drumbeat over the reported terror threat to NYC.

75-Year Residents of Bloom Visit the Polls

“The line was too long this morning,” said Dick, “so we decided to come back and try it again this afternoon.” The Spaids don’t discuss who they are voting for with each other, but they are both registered as Democrats.

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