Megalodon Shark Tooth Found on Beach in North Carolina

Anyone who has ever watched Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week (aka the best week of the year) is familiar with the Megalodon, the massive...

John Wayne Gacy Investigation Leads to Breakthrough in Unrelated Case

  “You should never lose hope in finding your loved one.” Thankfully, this is the thought process of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office who recently started...

All Toys Were For All People

Aplus, social news organization, wrote an article of a tweet from mother Karen Cole alarmed a toy company, Tesco, of their sexist sign for...

Civil War Continues to Rage in Syria

Violence in Syria continues, as two year civil war claims the lives of thousands.

Bloomsburg Applebee’s Shooting Leaves 2 Dead

Bloomsburg Police report two are dead following a shooting at the Applebee's restaurant in Bloomsburg. Police report the shooter is one of the dead. The shooting occurred just after 4 pm on Friday, May 22.

‘Purple-Sock’ Worm Discovered in the Ocean

Since 1950, scientists have been dumbfounded over this flat, pinkish worm-like creature found at the bottom of the ocean in Sweden. This odd critter...

Donations needed after fire critically injures Glen Lyon teen, a ‘strong fighter’

NANTICOKE, Pa. —“She’s strong fighter.” That's what Jade Hillard says of her friend, Gracie. Fire struck Gracie Miller’s house in Glen Lyon on...

Arraignment of Eric Frein

  Milford - Accused Eric Michael Frein was arraigned today on many charges including brutally slaying one Pennsylvania State Police officer and seriously injuring another...

Water Conservation Key in California

Due to droughts that are taking place throughout the state of California, residents are finding ways to conserve their water usage. In Los Angeles,...

Translate this… VIKI software

ViKi,  international video site, allows fans of a TV series or Movie to translate them in over 100 different languages. ViKi has the rights to...

Update: Devastation in the Wake of Seaside Heights Fire

A ten-alarm fire on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk on Sept. 12, 2013 has left many local residents wondering if the popular Jersey Shore destination...

American Obesity Rates Soar

America remains the fattest nation, as recommendations by health officials to eat healthy and exercise stay widely ignored. In the last year, adult obesity...

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Pa. Supreme Court upholds no-excuse mail voting ahead of midterms

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