Inauguration Slideshow

The crowds, security, vendors, and the glory of D.C. captured...

Expectations Broadcast from D.C. this Morning before Barack Obama’s Inauguration

Shannon Hoffman describes her expectations for crowds and security before heading out onto the National Mall herself.

Running Through D.C. on the Eve of the Inauguration

It was difficult finding an open path through the city, and I had to slow my pace considerably while rounding the Capitol building and heading toward the Washington Monument - all the more time to take in the sites. Yesterday's concert at the Lincoln Memorial was being replayed on the jumbo-trons in the National Mall, and every corner was manned by vendors selling Obama pins, t-shirts, pictures, and calendars. I was enchanted by the angelic voices of a choir on the steps of the Capitol building, and touched by the hundred or so army soldiers who posed in front of the Washington Monument for pictures. It was amazing to me that a city, packed with so many people, could be in such harmony.

View from The Voice: The New Presidency

With the election of Barack Obama and Joe Biden to Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States on Nov. 4, many feel that...

Wrong Precinct Does Not Stop Obama Supporter

With 20 minutes left until her first class, Emily Brown rushed out of her Main Street apartment on Nov. 4 with one arm in...

An Apathetic Voter

This was supposed to be the big one. Four years of a new president. Voter turnout among young people was at an all time...

Election Harrassment

Another word for this is called ‘bullying.’ defines a bully as, “A blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.”

Students Find Their Voices Through Obama’s Election

Hundreds of Bloomsburg students filled the streets of Bloomsburg and gathered on the steps of Carver after Senator Barack Obama was elected the next...

How About “Election Energy”; as an Alternative Fuel?

Waking up on that cloudy but comfortable day, I could feel the energy of the campus before even looking out the window. Tuesday, nothing...

Ecstatic Obama Crowd Marches on Campus and Town

Last night at approximately 11:30 p.m., Senator Barack Obama was declared the next president of the United States. He will be inaugurated, along side Senator Joe Biden as Vice President, on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009. When Obama reached the required 270 electoral votes for the win, hundreds of Bloomsburg students came teeming from dorms and gathered in front of Elwell. The crowd marched downtown and past the Democratic headquarters. They were dancing and cheering in the streets, ecstatic about Obama's victory. The crowd then traveled back to Carver Hall and gathered on the steps there, chanting and waving signs.

Election Slideshow

Bloomsburg students got deeply involved with their time and emotions in Election 2008.  Check out this slideshow for images of students on campus campaigning...

Barack Obama Wins Election

Tonight, Democratic candidate, Senator Barack Obama is officially elected President of the United States, surpassing the 270 required electoral votes. Obama receives the honor of becoming the country's first African American president. Senator Joe Biden will serve as the country's Vice President upon inauguration. In his concession speech, Senator John McCain congratulated Senator Obama, promising to work with him, and support him as "his president."

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