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Review- Department of Eagles: In Ear Park

The genre “indie” is one so broad that it’s a bit meaningless. Nevertheless it’s necessary, at least as an introduction, to categorize the band Department of Eagles as “indie.” Though, the adjectives folk, experimental and McCartney Beatles-esque (the latter needs…

The Search for a Superstar Continues: Bloom Idol

The mood was calm, yet there was definitely a presence of nervous excitement in the air as the contestants waited in line for their last chance to impress the judges. This past Tuesday night, Bloom Idol held its final auditions…

Visiting Artist Pamela Marks at the Multicultural Center

“Camouflage patterns found in the everyday images of war and the objects of popular culture have seeped into my consciousness and influenced this series of Dazzle Paintings. I found a strong visual relationship between camouflage and the emerging patterns of organic form in my previous paintings. Camouflage, an abstraction of nature and a powerful symbol, has a rich history that has involved artists since its inception…”

“Nights In Rodanthe”The Movie

  Any Nicholas Sparks reader knows that the man is a genius when it comes to pulling at the heartstrings of his readers.With 13 published novels, he is a well-known author, writing stories of love, tragedy, mystery and everything in…

Shhhhut It….While I’m Watching the Office

After the last season of NBC’s The Office produced just 14 episodes, plagued by the writers’ strike, Dunder Mifflinites are parched and gathered at the water cooler for tonight’s season premier, titled “Weight Loss.”

Bloom Idol is Back!

Bloom Idol is making its illustrious return to the university after a year-long hiatus. The singing competition, open to all Bloomsburg University students, will once again declare one winner out of the sea of talented entertainers the campus has to offer.

Students Participate in Poetry Slam

The very first poetry slam of the year occurred on September 23, during which students presented their own creative pieces.The slam was hosted by Sigma Tau Delta, the English fraternity, Bloomsburg chapter. It was held in Bakeless 102 for anyone…

Desperate For More

  Season Premiere of Desperate Housewives (season 5) at 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28, on ABC The hot, sexy, devious women of Wisteria Lane are back for another jaw dropping, suspenseful season full of threats, divorce, and of course, sex….

Meet Tim Burton’s Projects

Burton is collaborating with Disney to recreate Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Linda Woolverton (writer of The Lion King & Beauty and the Beast) is the screenplay writer. The movie will be 3D and is to premier spring 2010.

Toshiko Takaezu Visits with BU; Donates Art

  In addition to Endless Circle, the bell outside of the library, and a painting by Japanese artist Tetsuro Sawada, legendary artist Toshiko Takaezu has kindly donated 19 additional ceramic works of her own to Bloomsburg University’s Permanent Collection of Art. On…