New Podcast, Stream it Now!

Editor's note: Emily Stine and Gabby Locke are the creators and hosts of the podcast series. First new podcast is available on BUnow and SoundCloud....

The Final Journey – Official Trailer #1

"The Final Journey" is an upcoming student-made interactive short film. The film stars Eric Barlow, is directed by CJ De Leo, and as a...

Low-Res Reviews #12 – Searching

Here’s the twelfth episode of “Low-Res Reviews.” In it, Eric Barlow and CJ De Leo sit in a car before they see the newest...

Some of the best documentaries on Netflix

Whether you are searching for a romantic comedy, a horror movie, or a show to binge, Netflix has you covered. The streaming service seems...

A Blooming Podcast: Episode 1 The Sacred Texts of Video Games

Blooming Studios is back in action! Here is a recent podcast talking about upcoming video games in 2019 and so on! Interested in joining the...

Low-Res Reviews #10 – Isle of Dogs

Here’s the tenth episode of “Low-Res Reviews.” In it, Eric Barlow and CJ De Leo, joined by Jake Gordon and Ken Griffin, sit in...

The Final Journey – Official Trailer #2

“The Final Journey” is an upcoming student-made interactive short film. The film stars Eric Barlow and is directed by CJ De Leo. It is...

‘Gossip Gladiators’: Episode Two

Check out the new "Gossip Gladiators" episode here through BUnow or on SoundCloud!

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Rockin’ & Rollin’ at The Bloomsburg Fair

BLOOMSBURG, PA- This year at the 167th annual Bloomsburg Fair, Joan Jett is setting the stage with a strong heart and a "bad reputation"...

Ryukinger: A Blooming Studios Project

  Michael Lamberti has been writing a fan-made Power Rangers series called "Ryukinger."  Hopefully, in the near future, he can get series to a webcomic...

The Interview – NBS Digital Short #8

The following is a video directed, edited, and written by CJ De Leo and Drew Fox, originally for the National Broadcasting Society’s bi-monthly show,...

Best Songs for Working Out #2

Running With Scissors by Electronicore band, I See Stars, is a different twist on my typical workout playlist. This song has a heavy focus...

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