Block Party 2014 Preview

Block Party and Springfest are both Saturday, April 12 this year, and we wanted to find out what students think about the events and...

Local Businesses Help out Fair Vendors

Bloom businesses help fair vendors make up lost revenue

Winner Winner, Pizza Dinner!

Chris Maydick is the BU senior that walked away with $100 in credit to his favorite pizza joint, Carini's Ristorante. Find out how...

Bloomsburg Flood 2011 Photo Slideshow

A photo slideshow from Thursday, September 8th unearthing many of the previously unseen areas the Bloomsburg Flood has touched upon.

Tattoos for Life

Stormi Steel Tattoos and Body Piercing will be having its third annual "Tattoos for Life" fundraiser in its Scranton location on Sunday, Oct. 2 and its Bloomsburg...

Homecoming Parade Fan Photos

BUnow photographers ventured down to the Bloomsburg homecoming parade to take your pictures. Check out the pictures below to find yourself.

Fetterman Avenue Police Action: Too violent or justified?

Police were armed with canisters of mace, while students were armed with beer bottles and solo cups. Police had the intention of keeping the...

Tips for Block Party

As block party gets closer everyone is getting ready for the big day, buying block party shirts, buying permits and making plans for the...

Tattoos for a Cause

Stormi Steel Tattoos held their annual “Tattoos for Life” fundraiser on Sunday, Oct. 9. This fundraiser raised $1400 for the American Cancer Society, and donated...

Updates: Bloomsburg Flood 2011

Click here to see the latest updates regarding the Bloomsburg Flood of 2011.

35th Annual Renaissance Jamboree

Bloomsburg's 35th Annual Renaissance Jamboree was held on Saturday, April 27. Over 100 venders and several student organizations set up booths along Main Street...

Bloomsburg Day of Sales

The Bloomsburg Day of Sales is quickly approaching as the Thanksgiving holiday comes in to sight. The “Give Thanks and Give Back” campaign will be...

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Merchant of Venice Critique

The Merchant of Venice was performed Oct. 3 through Oct. 20 in downtown Bloomsburg. Read one audience member's opinion.

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