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New York Fashion Week: Your Exclusive Insight to the Fashion Madness

Fashion correspondent, Jenna Lemoncelli here, about to feed your fashion appetite! New York Fashion Week was the place to be this month and only BuNow got the inside look at the fashion madness!

The Mass Communications Department Takes a Trip

A free trip to the Newseum in Washington D.C. was offered to all Mass Communications students last Friday April, 4th and they had a...

Spring in Bloom

0 What's your favorite thing about spring time in Bloomsburg?  

Stay Trendy!

0 Fashion trends change from day to day, and let's face it, sometimes it's hard to keep up with them all. In this video I...

Tape the Elf to the Shelf 2013

Bloomsburg University's department of Mass Communications came together this December to help raise money for a staff member in need this holiday season. See...

BUnow Presents: Hoagie Madness

It's that time of the semester; BUnow's food madness competition has arrived. You may be familar with Pizza Madness and Wing Madness, both food competitions...

Freshmen Survival Kit

Are you nervous about coming to school?  Wish that someone would give you some helpful advice to tackle being a Bloomsburg University freshmen?  A...

Should we Spring into These Trends?

0 We are welcoming warmer weather into our lives, and with that we are also welcoming new trends. According to, a few make-up trends...

10 ways to $pend Valentine’s Day (Single)

0 Video Production by Nick Cellucci  1)  Lock yourself in your room and wallow in your own misery: Valentine’s Day is perfect excuse to throw yourself...

Steroids on Campus

Two BU students speak out about their use of performance enhancing drugs.

Dear Bloom Episode 1: Grammy Fashion

Dear Bloom is the first fashion media organization at Bloomsburg University. It's purpose - to be your one and only fashion informant! Dear Bloom...

Exploring the Bloomsburg Fair

Follow Jacob Close as he explores the notorious Bloomsburg Fair grounds. This is a team video project by Bloomsburg University students Jacob Close, Luke...

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