Thanksgiving Break = The Best Break

Sure, Christmas break and spring break are great and all, but Thanksgiving break is often overlooked and has the potential to be the best of them all.

Perfecting the Art of Friends With Benefits: Rules to Live By

Friends with Benefits, or your FWB: at first, both parties are all for the thought “there’s no strings attached.” It’s one of the oldest...

Stop Being Annoying when Drunk!

We’ve all seen those people who do something rather annoying while their drunk. There’s that person who cries, the person who texts everyone he...

The Hilarious Things You Once Believed about Sex

The things many of us thought, but are too embarrassed to admit it!

The Low Down on Chasers: What to Drink and What Not to Drink

People in this day in age are very particular when it comes to liquids (first world problems), especially when it comes to mixing it...

Ways to Hide Day Drinking

  The weather is finally starting to warm up and soon many students may start day drinking. Here are a few ways to hide your beverage...

Breaking Girl Code

“An established code, a woman’s law that every girl should follow.” – Urban Dictionary  Many of you are already aware of the set of...

Did Someone Say DAY DRINKING?!

Spring semester is here people. Do you know what that means? Two words. 11 letters.. DAY DRINKING! As the chilling months end, and spring break passes,...

Turnt Up Turkey Day

The holidays can be rough, and with a house full of screaming relatives that you only ever see once a year, you may need to let off some steam throughout the day. Why not turn you misery into a drinking game? The rules are simple: every time someone says one of the things listed below, take a drink. Get ready to turn up for turkey day!

BUnow After Dark

This section will hold all of the sex, love, scandals, drinking stories and everything that happens when the sun goes down.

Drinking Game of the Month: “Cat & Mouse”/Rage Cage

I’m a pretty competitive person, so my ideal drinking games would be ones that involve at least a little bit of skill. I got...

Block Party 2014 Preview

Block Party and Springfest are both Saturday, April 12 this year, and we wanted to find out what students think about the events and...

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