Gay Marriage in the 2012 Elections

Just a few months ago President Obama declared that he supported gay marriage, whereas his competitor, Mitt Romney, believes marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Husky Corners Joins the Obama Campaign

President Obama definitely has husky pride on his side. When registering to vote in the town of Bloomsburg Pa, on downtown Main St. the...

The Right to Love

President Obama is a supporter of gay rights, while his republican opponent Mitt Romney is strong in his opposing position. When an anonymous homosexual student...

Bloomsburg Students Debate along with Obama and Romney about Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

The two presidential candidates are both very clear on how they feel about same sex marriage, and many Americans, including Bloomsburg University students, may...

Does Medical Marijuana Sway the College Students Vote

In this years election the legalization of medical marijuana has become an important issue. For Some students on the Bloomsburg campus however, the legalization...

Why you should vote as a Bloomsburg student

One students opinions on the two presidential candidates

A Local View On Gay Marriage

  The tensions are at an ultimate high, especially on the campus of Bloomsburg University, as the presidential campaign heats up with different stands on...

Student Loans Weigh Heavy

Every year, tens of thousands of graduating high school seniors go off and attend colleges and universities all around the United States. These universities do not...

BU Education Budget Cuts

Education is supposedly a top priority in today’s society. The irony behind this is that when the government makes their budget cuts, they cut the budget of education vastly.

The Young Vote

During orientation, Bloomsburg Freshmen were given the opportunity to register to vote in this year’s upcoming election.

“Completely Wrong” Romney and Other Strange Google Searches

With all of the hype surrounding the 2012 presidential election, it’s no wonder Google has decided to put in its own two cents. Go to...

Why so liberal?

Why do most college students call themselves liberal?

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