July 5th, 2011: A Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty on a first degree murder charge, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter after 10 hours of deliberation. However, the jury only found Casey guilty on four counts of falsifying information to the police.

Casey’s two year old daughter, Caylee, went missing mid 2008 only to be discovered six months later. Her remains were found in a plastic bag with duct tape over her mouth. Much suspicion pointed to Casey as a lot of the evidence traced back to the Anthony’s home. If found guilty, Casey was supposed to receive the death penalty. Evidence among the defense and the prosecution did not out weigh each other as the case proceeded. This much anticipated verdict sent a wave of shock over America as a straight acquittal came across the board as most people expected some kind of bargain. Casey broke into tears of relief after the verdict was read.

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