Can the Huskies Baseball Season Make a Comeback?


Story by Andrea Keiter; Video by Rebecca Hall; Slideshow by Carly Moore


The Bloomsburg Huskies baseball team has had a pretty rough season. The start of the season looked pretty good. With a four game season opener running from February 19 through February 21 in Hampton, Virginia, the team won two of its first games.

However, the season just got progressively worse from there. It is rather sad because the players have tons of heart and really try honing their skills.

With 42 games played thus far, the Huskies have only won 14. This leaves it with a 14-28 record for the season. They are a member of the PSAC East division.

One reason that the season could have been so bad is the fact that the majority of their games, 34 to be exact, were double-headers. The players were more than likely very tired after the first game, leaving them with less stamina in their second game.

Another thing that could have led to their defeats is that they only had 10 home games this season. Home field advantage is a huge deal in baseball, so this could contribute to why they did not succeed. The team’s home games were also cut short due to a ridiculous amount of rain cancellations. It seemed as though every time the Huskies were to have a home game it rained.

The team did have some amazing players, though. Grant Kernaghan pitched an awesome game March 2 against Newberry College. It resulted in a complete shutout. Tony Donofry also helped the team out greatly. He really helped the team when it came to batting.

This coming weekend, the Huskies have two games against Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As Bloomsburg students, we can only hope that the Crimson Hawks are down on their game.

After this weekend, however, the official season is over. The PSAC championships will be taking place May 6 through 9.

BU Baseball 2009 from Rebecca Hall on Vimeo.