Over the holiday break, the network staff added wireless access points in almost all of the on-camps residence halls. The current status of those buildings is listed below. Over the next few months, additional coverage will be added. They are also asking students to stop using personal wireless routers in the dorm. These devices are causing interference and preventing some students from being able to access the wireless network.

You can find detailed and very easy-to-follow instructions on how to correctly set up your computer to connect by clicking here. Note that if you have Windows XP, you will need to manually set up your connection, it will not do it automatically.

Here is the current coverage status of each building
Columbia: Full Coverage
Elwell: Full Coverage
Luzerne: Partial Coverage
Lycoming: Partial Coverage
Mt. Olympus Apt.: None
Montgomery Place Apts.: Partial Coverage
Montour: Partial Coverage
Northumberland: Partial
Schuylkill: Partial