Campus Wireless Access in the Dorms

Over the holiday break, the network staff added wireless access points in almost all of the on-camps residence halls.

Over the holiday break, the network staff added wireless access points in almost all of the on-camps residence halls. The current status of those buildings is listed below. Over the next few months, additional coverage will be added. They are also asking students to stop using personal wireless routers in the dorm. These devices are causing interference and preventing some students from being able to access the wireless network.

You can find detailed and very easy-to-follow instructions on how to correctly set up your computer to connect by clicking here. Note that if you have Windows XP, you will need to manually set up your connection, it will not do it automatically.

Here is the current coverage status of each building
Columbia: Full Coverage
Elwell: Full Coverage
Luzerne: Partial Coverage
Lycoming: Partial Coverage
Mt. Olympus Apt.: None
Montgomery Place Apts.: Partial Coverage
Montour: Partial Coverage
Northumberland: Partial
Schuylkill: Partial



5 thoughts on “Campus Wireless Access in the Dorms

  1. why are thing such as the iphone not able to connect to the bloomsburg wireless network?

  2. Umm, there is no way to register an iPhone. No need to ask.

    And as for the wireless, I have to say it kind of sucks because everyone is using it, decreasing the power and storage speed, which causes slow net and more disconnects. Elwell hall is not so beastly with the wireless technology….Well, yet anyway…

    Having a router would fix it, but they don’t allow routers. Reason being – I don’t know! The first few weeks I was deregistered several million times because I had my wireless router here because the campus didn’t have wireless, and they still don’t have it like they say they do. It needs work, and more amplification or bigger antennas on the wireless broadcasters. And everyone uses it. Well, the good part is that the ethernet(wall) plug internet is becoming more free, and it is ultra fast nowadays! While everyone else is waiting 3 hours for their wireless downloads, I’m waiting about half that time. So it does have a good effect I guess.

  3. I think everyone using it does have an effect on its power, because everyone on my floor complains about how slow the new wireless is and how poor its signal strength is…unless the wireless points are on the roof or something.

    But yeah, what is the point of having wireless internet in dorms if things like iPods and iPhones can’t take advantage of it? I have a Nintendo Wii which does not have an Ethernet jack so I can’t take advantage of having wireless internet in the dorm I live in.

    And as far as using it for my laptop, my Ethernet cable is long enough that i do not have to sit at my desk to use the internet…its only a dorm room, its not like there is a lot of room to move around.

  4. I’ve helped several with wireless problems. I am not sure if its truly fixed yet, it could be the computers.

    I have seen an improvement over the past few weeks though as for the quality and speed of wireless. Sometimes the ethernet is choppy, though. And I always thought that when more people are connected to wireless, it decreases the amplification. But I didn’t have an idea that we would be able to connect to several points. But if everyone in my wing is connected, they most likely would be sharing the same access point, therefore decreasing speed. I am still connected to the wall. Wireless is pretty cool since you can walk all over and experience the internet, however, sometimes its rather choppy.

    But I have to give the tech dept. a major plus, this is a feature that doesn’t come with many colleges and dorms, and I didn’t think I would see full coverage for several years. But its definitely here now and working, well for my floor at least.

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