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What ARE Career Expos?

A career expo, or fair, is an event that allows students and employers to meet one another in a professional setting to discuss career, internship opportunities, and available jobs. Career expos attract not just the unemployed, but potential employers from industries located throughout a region, state or country. They are an excellent way of proactively involving yourself, and showing your skills and interests to employers from specialized careers.

Students from all majors and class years are welcome at events such as these, whether your interest is in what positions and internships are currently hiring, or if you’re looking for ideas or information about what a career fair is and what you can obtain from it. Students should dress professional for career expos, although it is not mandatory.

All students at Commonwealth University of PA have received an email, flier or cup promoting Handshake. But, what actually is Handshake? Handshake is a software application tool started in California, and is utilized by numerous colleges and universities across the country. Students can use Handshake to explore career options, find jobs and internships, and even connect with employers. Remember, it all starts with a smile!

What Career Expos are Happening Now?

The first Commonwealth University Career Expo for Spring 2024 took place today, January 21st. The Bloomsburg expo started at 10a.m. this morning in the Kehr Union Ballroom, while both the Mansfield and Lock Haven expos started at 11a.m. in Alumni Hall room 307 and Durrwachter Alumni Conference Center respectively. The expos lasted until 3p.m. on all three campuses.

The Bloomsburg campus expo featured tables with professional networking opportunities and individual business information alike for companies in public affairs, government, health, and human services.

By registering for the event on Handshake and walking into the event, students were greeted with cheerful alumni and several paths leading outwards towards the various tables sitting at the event. Among them were many state police departments; the United States military and its branches; behavioral health care positions; and senior caregiver and pediatric care opportunities. There were 62 total employers who attended the event, and the most popular time for students attending the expo was 11a.m.-12 noon.

Physical and mental health were emphasized at the event by professionals at each table. There were also coaches walking around the event to help students when meeting potential employers, or with simply touring the ballroom! Their job was to help students build confidence and engage with employers, and were a huge help to undergraduate students unfamiliar with professional situations.

Upcoming Career Expos

There are three similar upcoming career events in the Spring 2024 semester at Commonwealth University campuses. The Public Relations, Sales, Marketing and Communications Career Expo will take place in early March, allocating one day per campus at Bloomsburg on March 5, Lock Haven on March 6, and Mansfield on March 7 at the same times and locations as the first expo of the semester. There will be 25 employers attending.

In late March, there will be the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Career Expo from March 26-28, beginning at the Lock Haven campus on March 26, then visiting the Mansfield campus on March 27, and ending at the Bloomsburg campus on March 28. Times and locations will not be changed from the previous two.

Additionally on March 15 from 1:30-4p.m., there will be an Education Career Expo at Commonwealth Bloomsburg campus’s Student Recreation Center with over 90 employers scheduled to attend the event. This event will only be at the Bloomsburg campus.

So Why Should I Attend?

As a college student, you should be prioritizing your education and begin thinking about your future career. It is important to attend events such as career expos for not only information about career opportunities, but to also introduce yourself to potential employers within your field that you may connect with at a later date. And it can be fun to meet new experienced people within your field!

If you take any one thing away from university, it is this: do not let your degree collect dust!