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Winner Winner, Pizza Dinner!

Ladies and gentlemen, Carini’s Ristorante beat every competitor in this past December’s Pizza Madness, and stands as the selected champion of all things pizza at Bloomsburg University. The judges have spoken.

The brackets have been reviewed and BU senior Christopher Maydick was found to be the winner of the prize, a $100 gift certificate to our own Carini’s Ristorante.

The BUnow staff met with Maydick to present him with the certificate, and to sit down to a pizza.

“Me and my girlfriend saw fliers at the bus stop and she said we should do it,” Maydick said, “I never thought I would win.”

When asked how he selected his bracket, he had a very logical answer.

“I work at Lowe’s, and me and my buddy took turns once a week [or so] buying pizza from every place around… we liked Carini’s the best.”Courtesy of

“It’s definitely the dough that makes it,” he said about their winning pizza, which is exactly what our judges thought which is why Carini’s ended up number 1.

Filippo Carini, owner of Carini’s Pizza, worked in a Brooklyn, New York pizza shop since he was 16. He moved to Bloomsburg because he “talked with people in the community and we really liked it [here] so we decided to open a shop.”

Carini said he was honored and happy to have his restaurant selected as best pizza in Bloomsburg, and that he felt his “consistency and quality make the difference… I care about my customers and anything I serve I make it the way I would like it.”

“I eat here every day,” Carini said, referring to how he treats his restaurant as he would his home, and treats his customers as he would his guests.

While other restaurants in the area boast lower prices, Carini says quality is worth the extra cost.

“You get what you pay for here,” he said.

Carini’s Pizza will be presented with a sign that signifies them at the 2011-12 Pizza Madness Champions of BU, and they are very happy to be selected. Their menu can be found at

As for next year, will Carini’s hold the top position? Or could in-town favorites La Fontana or Balzano’s take the title? Make sure to check in with us at for updates on Pizza Madness 2012-13 and your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the top Bloomsburg pizza shop.