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Who Did It?

BLOOMSBURG- Bloomsburg Police received calls Oct. 8 into Oct. 9 about graffiti in students’ homes. Additional calls were then made reporting burglary and vandalism.

Scooter the hamster.

Police believe the suspects of the crimes to be two males shown in the security footage. Bloomsburg students who live in the houses on East Ridge Avenue and 100 block of Iron Street were asleep when their homes were broken into and vandalized. Items such as a MacBook, speaker, T.V., car, Xbox, and an oven were destroyed. Racial slurs were spray painted on the walls. Condiments were thrown on walls and poured onto the items that were broke. Students’ hamster was also reported missing at the time of these events.

If the suspects are found guilty, they could be charged with hate crime, burglary, and criminal mischief.

“possibly a hate crime enhancement if we believe this is motivated by hate.”

Chief of Police, Scott Price

The police have the two suspects up on their crime watch platform at https://columbia.crimewatchpa.com/bloomsburgpd. Morucci Realty Is offering a $225 reward to the person who turns in the name(s) of suspects that leads to an arrest. That person has the option to remain anonymous. Contact them at 570-854-2301.