What to Wear When We’re Grown-Up

Soon our college careers will come to an end and we will be expected to act and dress like young professionals in the business world.  How do we know what young professionals look and act like?  We are college kids, and sweatpants and sweatshirts have become a way of life.  I’m here to give both guys and girls tips about how to look fashionable in the work place.

 For the Guys:

You guys are so simple.  You can never go wrong with a tan khaki pant and a nice button down shirt.  Add a tie to bring a touch of sophistication.  When looking for shirts, try to find something that has color, something that pops.  A nice crimson colored shirt with white pinstripes will look great with a pair of tan khakis.  If you need a dressier look, go with black dress pants, and adding a pinstripe to the pants brings a nice element to the outfit.  Again, try to find a shirt that stands out but if you want to go with a more toned down shirt, you can always make noise with a tie.  Don’t be afraid of color, especially pink – it adds character!  If you guys are wondering what shoes to wear with your pants, ask your mom or your girlfriend. I can’t help you with that.   


These grey pants will go great with any button down shirt.  Banana Republic $198.00
These grey pants will go great with any button down shirt. Banana Republic $198.00This purple pinstripe shirt will go well with grey, khaki, or black pants. Banana Republic $150
Khaki pants are always a winner for the work place. Gap $44.50
This red prinstripe shirt adds color to your outfit. Banana Republic $125







For the Ladies:

Ladies can be a little complicated when it comes to dressing for work.  I like to go with the more classic look.  A black pencil skirt with a white blouse topped with a black blazer is a classic look for any work place.  Pairing this classic look with a bright shoe, like crimson or teal, will really make this outfit fierce.  Going with either a nice print shirt or print skirt also makes your work wardrobe fun.  Animal print is really big right now so wearing a zebra print skirt paired with a white blouse will be stylish yet work friendly.  If you aren’t a fan of skirts, go with a grey dress pant with a plum silk shirt.  Don’t forget to accessorize, it makes the whole outfit.  Try to keep the jewelry to a minimum – You don’t want to look too gaudy.  Also, pairing any outfit with a colorful pump is always a plus.


This zebra print skirt will look great paired with a white shirt. Forever 21 $17.80


These wide leg grey pants are a relaxed fit through the leg. Gap $64.50






This classic button down shirt will go with either pants or a skirt. Banana Republic $59.00


Keep these tips in mind when you are picking out the perfect clothes for your perfect job.



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