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What Do Our Classrooms Look Like in the Midst of the Strike?

With the majority of Bloomsburg University’s faculty on strike, many classrooms are left empty. Void of the future’s working minds, void of professors, and quite frankly, void of purpose. These classrooms were built to hold the minds of up and coming intellectuals. But what happens when the state system and faculty cannot come to terms with new contracts? We are left with classrooms that look like this:

empty-class                    McCormick classroom 1303 left practically empty in the wake of the strike.

Outside of McCormick classroom 2303, Karli Miller sits with signs that support faculty. She is a TA for a class held inside this room and is required to be present at the time that the class would normally take place. So she sits, but not in support of the state system. She says she is so against crossing the picket line, that she refuses to step inside of the classroom.

strike-photo               Karli Miller smiles as she supports APSCUF outside of classroom 2303.

Negotiations continue to go on as we now approach day three of the strike. More information and updates will be available on, as well as the APSCUF and PASSHE websites.