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2008 Election CU - Bloomsburg

Voting day is finally here!


Jillian excited after voting for the first time in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Americans have the privilege and responsibility to select the candidate who is best suited to help America recover during one of its lowest economic points. Voter turnout was expected to surpass records in several states

Freshman Jillian Leonard gave her thoughts on election day. “Voting for the first time was very exciting for me because it’s a right not every country has,” Leonard said. Her process of voting began in the Kehr Union where she waited for over an hour and a half to cast her first ballot. The university offered food and beverages while the students waited patiently in line.

Mostly students throughout campus have volunteered there time to make sure students have voted or are planning on going to the polls. Since the beginning of the election, people walking around or sitting at tables have been encouraging students to register and go to the polls.

All the hard work and preparation will have paid off when the announcement of our new president is announced soon. This will be a change in history and all the voters who participated should be proud of themselves for being a part of this change.