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Up-and-Coming River Trail Being Built in Bloomsburg

This is a student-made press release for the Bloomsburg Mayor, Justin Hummel, which was made by Amy Carpenter who has been recently doing PR tactics work regarding the mayor as her client.

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Sep. 21, 2022  

Amy Carpenter

(717) 490-5879                                                                                             amy.carpanter2@gmail.com 

Justin Hummel, Mayor of Bloomsburg

River Trail Project on the Rise in Bloomsburg

New Trail to be Built Along the Susquehanna River in Bloomsburg, PA

Bloomsburg, PA (September 21, 2022)– A brand new river trail is in the works to be built in Bloomsburg. The plan for the future trail is to connect the town with paths dedicated to walking pedestrians and bicyclists. Currently, the town only has very narrow paths and sidewalks along roadways. The trail is deemed to make accessibility easier for the public as it will connect the north and south ends of the town. This will also be beneficial for the town’s assets as it will give the public more of an opportunity to explore what the historic town has to offer. 

There will also be proposed parking lots at the beginning and end of the trail for use. Funding for the trail is planned to be provided by the American Recovery Plan to inspire and motivate the public to get outside and get active. 

Construction will be done by LIVIC Civil based in Bloomsburg. The beginning of the path is planned to start along W Fort McClure Blvd and end along Ferry Rd. and will go past a lot of hot spots in the town. Mayor Justin Hummel states the trail is going to be a “great addition and beneficial for the town overall.” Construction is planned to start Spring 2023. 

About Bloomsburg 

Bloomsburg is home to as many as 14,000 residents. It is a town nestled right in Columbia County. It is the only Pennsylvania municipality that is recognized as a “town.” Bloomsburg is known for its many staple features such as the historic downtown Bloomsburg where there are many shops and notorious restaurants. The town park is another staple, also theaters, art galleries, community pool, skate park, many fitness trails, and annually, the iconic Bloomsburg Fair. 

Map of River Trail with proposed parking.
Continuation of River Trail map with proposed parking.