University Store Now Renting Books

The Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania store is now renting out textbooks this semester in hopes that this will lure students away from competitive alternatives and boost revenue.

Starting only 3 weeks ago the bookstore launched the option for renting textbooks rather then buying. Registered BU students can now rent a book for the spring semester using their student ID card.

With another semester already underway there is no doubt that many students are getting hit with a financial upper cut when it comes to paying for their textbooks. The cost of books can seem like a lot of extra cash after paying the semester’s tuition and housing.

“We do mark up the books by a certain percent, depending on the supplier we purchase them from,” said Nancy Keller, assistant manager of the University Bookstore.

The new renting system from the bookstore does not include all books just yet, only a few selected titles. However, with new alternatives that allow students to acquire all of their books at a much lower price whether you are renting or buying, students are thinking twice before walking into the university store.

“Its just too expensive. I like everything the Husky rewards points have to offer and the fact that you get your book immediately but if it’s cheaper somewhere else I will get it there,” said BU sophomore, Ashley Bauer. has emerged as one of the biggest alternatives in the college textbook world in the past few years.  The site allow students the chance to rent their books for a significantly lower price then buying them would be. They will even plant a tree every time you rent from them. estimates that they have planted over 4 million trees in their campaign to go green.

When asked about what she thought about services like, Keller replied, “It’s a good option for students if they don’t have the money to buy.” When also asked about websites like where you can buy the same books that the bookstore offers for a significantly lower price, Keller said, “There are some problems with sites like that because you don’t see the book upfront. We try to remain competitive.”