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Trash To Treasure Sale a Success

News Release

The United Way of Columbia County’s “Trash to Treasure” sale held on January 15, brought in over $10,000. They are hopeful, after expenses, to net around $9,500. This amount will be added to the United Way’s 2010 campaign totals.

The Monday before the event is when the Trash to Treasure sale came alive. The “Supervisory Round Table” at Bloomsburg University helped plan the event. Workers from the United Way, local volunteers, United Way “Young Leaders”, partner agencies and men on work release from the county prison collect, sort and display the merchandise in the Multicultural Center and Fireside Lounge in Kehr Union.

The sale took place on a cold Saturday morning. Most prized items were the 20 lap top computers that brought the first person in line to arrive at 2:15 am. The top selling items were computer systems which BU donated to the United Way for sale. Other treasured items included dorm furniture, printers, televisions, type-writers, exercise bikes, computers, old VCR/DVD players, chairs, mop handles and much more.

The sale ran smoothly as well as quickly. John Thomas, President of United Way of Columbia County described the event as being “…an exciting, action packed and fast paced.” Thomas said “It’s a blur. People can’t believe the variety of the merchandise and how fast it’s gobbled up.”

At noon, the items not sold were taken by Habitat for Humanity and Keystone Auctions of Williamsport and used for recycling or scrap. Why you ask? They do this because their mission and what else would you do with a 40 year old, 8 millimeter film projector that weighs 50 lbs. but turn it into scrap iron.

The next Trash to Treasure sale will be held in May 2011. This is a win-win event. People who purchase the treasured items leave feeling good about their deals. The volunteer workers get the chance to be part of an exciting event and have fun while supporting a great cause. They anxiously look forward to the next sale never having experienced anything as amazing as the Trash to Treasure sale.

For more information or to volunteer for the next Trash to Treasure sale, call the United Way at (570) 784-3134