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Top Ten Spring Break Must-Haves

Spring Break is right around the corner and I know that most students are ready to hit the beach and have fun.  Warm weather and laying on the beach aren’t the only thoughts controlling students’ minds right now; many girls are thinking what should I pack?  �

Sorry guys, there is no top ten spring break fashion for you, you guys are easy!  Just pack shorts, t-shirts, button down shirts (just in case), and swim shorts. 

But for the girls, here are ten essential items that should be in your suitcase.


  • Bermuda Shorts- These shorts are perfect to wear on spring break.  These shorts can be dressed down with a t-shirt or polo shirt for a nice afternoon out or dressed up with chunky jewelry and a button down shirt.




  • Colorful Shorts- This is the perfect spring break clothing item.  It adds color to your wardrobe and its fun!  Pairing this item with a long sleeve polo or a t-shirt, with a cardigan, is perfect for warm weather in Florida or Cancun.





  • Capris- For the cooler nights in the islands or on the coast, this pair of jeans is the perfect length.  Hitting just above the ankle it’s perfect for walking on the beach at night or going out on a cool evening. Cardigan- Adding a light cardigan can complete a look. At night if it gets cooler, you can wear it over a sundress or a t-shirt.




  • Long sleeve polo- A long sleeve polo would pair nicely with shorts or Bermuda shorts.  It is nice to wear to dinner with your friends or for a walk on the beach.




  • Sandals & Flats-No boots or sneakers should be taken on spring break!  Now is the time to break out the sandals and walk around.  Flats are good to wear at night to a nice dinner and can be paired with shorts or capris.  Most likely sandals will be preferred over flats just because girls get to wear sandals in the winter!




  • Sundress- Every girl has that little sundress, and to be able to pull it out in the cold month of February is a dream come true.  For spring break, any kind of sundress will do.  This is the perfect outfit for walking around town during the day or going out to dinner with friends.



    Bathing Suit- How can you go on spring break without a bathing suit?  Any style of bathing suit will work as long as you bring one! Beach Cover Up- A beach cover up is an easy look for walking to the beach.  It can also double as a nice dress for walking around after the beach.  If you decide to go to a restaurant for lunch on the boardwalk, you can just throw on your cover-up and you are ready to go.  







  • Sunglasses- This completes the whole spring break fashion look.  You can not go anywhere without sunglasses.  Big frames, small frames, aviators, or colorful frames, anything will work, as long as you have a pair. 


If you are one of the lucky students who will be going to a warm place for spring break, have an amazing time and soak up the sun.  For those of you staying in the colder climates, stay warm and relax.  If you are going away, make sure you pack these ten spring break essentials!