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Top 10 Costumes of 2008

By Ashley Wood

Contributing Writer

Halloween has come and gone, but the costumes from that night will last forever. We are all guilty of comparing our outfits to others, thinking of how we can make our outfit better. Most importantly, we walk away from Halloween night remembering the best costume of the night.

A lot of people take the easy road when it comes to Halloween. I was a hippie this year. Sometimes we pick costumes based on comfort, while other decisions are based on how easy the costumes will be. A lot of the easy and comfortable costumes are too typical. I saw the typical 80’s work out girls, guys dressed as girls, devils and angels, referees and scantily clad girls walking around in hooker shoes.

This year, there were a couple newsworthy costumes that deserve a moment of recognition.

10. Scuba Diver- In all my life, I have never seen a scuba diver on Halloween. She made this costume great because she was decked out in all the scuba gear, minus the oxygen tank. The wet suit and goggles were a nice touch, but adding flippers and a snorkel completely made the outfit.

9. The Spice Girls- When we were younger, The Spice Girls were the go to Halloween costume. Now, 10 years later, college students still find themselves going back to their childhood memories. This is an easy and amazing costume if it’s pulled off properly. Get all your friends together and look for the key characteristics of the Spice Girls. A girl with crazy, curly, dark hair, who likes to wear animal print is an easy Scary Spice. Someone who has big, red hair, and likes to wear platform heels would make a great Ginger Spice. For Posh Spice, find the fashionista of the group, who lives tight black dresses and has pin straight black hair. The girl who has baby like features and long blonde hair is a great choice for Baby Spice. Last, but not least, find someone who loves to wear sweat pants and always wear their hair pulled back and you have a Sporty Spice. Make the costumes look fabulous, because if you don’t pull it off well, it will look terrible.

8. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes- Ever since these two got together, they have been the hot Halloween couple. This year however, I saw the best TomKat pairing. Tom was dressed in his classic Risky Business outfit holding a Scientology book. Katie had the classic bob hair cut holding a doll that looked like Suri Cruise. Add an awkward smile and a pair of oversized shades and it’s the perfect Halloween outfit!

7. 70’s Basketball Team- Afro’s or not, this costume is amazing. While at a Halloween party on Friday night, I was in shock when seven guys dressed in Bloomsburg Recreation basketball jerseys, wearing short shorts walked in. Adding afros would look amazing but it isn’t required. What are needed are extremely short shorts and knee high white socks. Find your own coach and referee and you could get your own basketball game going!

6. Old Man- Shockingly, this old man costume wasn’t a “debbie downer”. This is a simple costume that will create laughs at any party. Get grandpa pants and an old sweater from Salvation Army. Oh, and don’t forget the cane! Throughout the party, just complain about how you are too old to be here and that it’s past your bedtime. You are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

5. Quailman and Silver Skeeter- We have all watched “Doug” on Nickelodeon, so we all know about Quailman. Granted, Quailman is seen every Halloween but never, and I mean never, have a seen his side kick, Skeeter. Quailman by himself is a boring and typical costume, but adding Skeeter brings it to a whole new level. Just wear a silver jumpsuit and paint your hair and you are good to go!

4. Waldo- Believe it or not, this is an amazing Halloween costume and simple too. Just get a red shirt, add white stripes (can be added with white duct tape) and get a white skull cap and you’re set! The Waldo at the Halloween party I was at was pretty good. Even though he didn’t try, he still managed to pop into pictures.

3. The Flintstone Family- My roommate was Wilma this year and wanted me to be Betty, but I declined. Good thing I did because the whole Flintstone family was walking down the street, and we saw another Wilma and Betty pairing at a party. It’s a very cute costume idea and very easy to make. Just get some sheets and cut away. Adding Pebbles and Bam-Bam will make this costume a million times better.

2. Naked Cowboy- Such a simple yet hilarious costume! Just get some tighty-whities and write “Naked Cowboy” on the back. Get a cowboy hat, a guitar and pair of sunglasses and you’re set. This costume is definitely a show stopper and a crowd pleaser!

1. Wizard of Oz- This year has been a blast from the past when it comes to costumes. From “Doug” to “The Flintstones.” “The Wizard of Oz” takes the cake though. At one party I saw the Scarecrow. I am not really sure how he made it, but I’m sure it’s easy. Now you may be thinking, how is the Scarecrow number one? Wait, it gets better! Looking through my friend’s Facebook pictures, I came across the Tin Man and another Scarecrow. I continue looking through the album and what do I find, the Little Lollipop Guild! How amazing is that! I can’t give you any tips on how to make this costume because it’s just so great. If you want to win the hearts of everyone on Halloween next year, get started on the “Wizard of Oz” costumes now!

I will always remember these Halloween costumes, and next year they will be hard to top. Start thinking ahead and my only tip would be think of things from our past. Old cartoons and TV shows that we used to watch will spark a flame at a Halloween party and you will be the talk of the town!

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