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CU - Bloomsburg Podcasts Radio

The Roundtable Executive Show by WHSK 91.1FM

Seven members. Seven ideas stirred in the pot. One idea drawn. One hour. Once a week.

The Roundtable. 91.1 FM WHSK “The Husky” presents a new talk show, hosted by the club’s executive board.

During the show, the executive board members go by their various DJ names and go about a group discussion filled with fun, laughter, controversy, and more.

The show is run by:

  • Caleb Brown- General Manager
  • Nicholas Thompson- Music Director
  • Carly Busfield- Secretary
  • Isabella Salvatore- Treasurer
  • Maddy Mamourian- Social Media Coordinator
  • Becca Sokolowski- Social Media Coordinator
  • Colin McGrain- Music Director

Each member picks one topic of their choosing, placing it in a raffle for a chance for theirs to be discussed.

The winner acts as the moderator for the show, guiding the conversation based on their rules and regulations.

Will the members make their own Big Brother house? Draft a boy band? Play “Would You Rather?” Anything is possible at The Roundtable.

Tune in on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 PM at WHSK 91.1FM.