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The Hangover’s Unexpected Trend

When the 2009 comedy, The Hangover, was released an unexpected fashion trend came about. Alan Garner, one of the main characters, went out with the boys, and brought along his “man purse”. While his friends laughed at him about his “man purse” which was suppose to be a joke for the movie, it became an “it” item. The technical term for this bag is called a satchel, and it’s the most convenient must-have bag. Satchels are light weight and easy to carry. There perfect for going out because you’ll never have to worry about leaving it or losing it because you can always keep it on. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and I have chosen my top 5 to share with you!

1. COACH, the new poppy sequins disco bag, selection of two colors, $148

2. MICHAEL by Michael Kors Charlton Crossbody Bag, selection of two colors, $128

3. FOREVER21.com, Soft Leatherette Shoulder Bag, choice of three colors, $25

4. FOREVER21.com, Structured Sequin Clutch, $21

5. VOLCOM.com, Egbert purse, selection of two colors, $30