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2008 Election CU - Bloomsburg

The Economic Crisis: What Do You Think?

With the 2008 presidential election just around the corner, I took the time to focus on the one thing on many Americans’ mind – the economy.  The candidates are senator, John McCain (R) from Arizona, and senator Barack Obama (D) of Illinois.

Both candidates have detailed plans and proposals for helping fix the economic crisis we find ourselves in today.  For example, Obama is fighting for lower taxes for working families, tax relief for small businesses and start-ups, and is fighting for fair trade.

McCain on the other hand is working towards a proposed student loan continuity plan to keep the credit crisis from hurting college students. And he wants to keep Bush’s corporate taxes, and says he’ll keep overall tax rates low, especially for entrepreneurs.

This election is a historic one.  Many people on campus are first time voters and have strong opinions about the credit crisis.

Megan Kusko, a senior said she was supporting Barack Obama because “he would be better for the economy.”  When asked why she was supporting him, Kusko said “Obama is representing change and new ideas.  What we don’t need is a Republican who could follow the Bush agenda.”

Megan continued, saying “In order for us to get out of this situation, we need to stop being afraid to put their money into the market again.  The media is scaring people and stopping them from feeding the economy.”

On the other hand McCain supporters are voting based on experience.  Jackie Parrish, a junior, believes senator McCain could better run the economy because he has had experience with the issue.  Parrish believes that, “We need some government regulation in the market but not as much as Barack Obama will put into place.”

With the economy at its lowest point in years, hopefully the next president will help with an upswing.  But ultimately, it is up to the voters.