The crew floats around the ship when there is zero gravity. Photo by Carly Busfield.

The BU players started off their fall season with a new play called “The Astronots” written by Mora V. Harris. The show follows billionaire Alston Garth launching his rocket into space orbit. Four lucky winners of a contest get to join him on his endeavor. However, the wealthy billionaire has something more in mind. Can the four passengers come together to over come Alston and his plan, or will they be stuck in space forever?

The BU players put on a great show for anyone who got the opportunity to see it. The cast of the play showed great chemistry and hilarious comedic timing. The show was making the audience laugh all the while making them thankful about the life you have and the people who are in it.

My favorite part of the show was the set, special effects, and costumes. The set did a great job at making it seem like the cast was actually in a rocket ship. The set moved multiple times throughout the play which created a neat spectacle for the audience.

The props used throughout the show were perfect and fit right in. Along with the moving set, the special effects and sound cues helped create an outer space like atmosphere to the stage. The antagonist Alston Garth’s favorite band is U2, so naturally the show had a killer playlist with the band’s songs playing throughout the show.

The Players mimicked stars as background and rocket ship like sounds to make it seem like the actors were ready for take off. Lastly, the costumes helped us feel like the cast went up into space. The suits and helmets made it seem like real astronauts were on the stage. At the end of the shows the characters got to take off the suits and put on their everyday clothes that showed the audience more of the character’s personalities.

Overall, the show was a fun and visually entertaining. What a great way to showcase the arts here at Bloomsburg University. If you are interested in seeing shows put on by the BU Players, Bloomsburg students the shows are free with student ID. You can purchase your tickets online or at the venue of the show.