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The Blimp Responsible for Bloomsburg’s Power Outage

So if you’re in the dark about why the power on campus went out, here’s the scoop: A military blimp the length of a football field was loose flying through the Pennsylvania area. According to CNN, the blimp became untethered from a Maryland airbase and was loose in the skies of Pennsylvania for awhile. Once the blimp became loose, the cable that it was dragging was taking out power lines in its way and our campus was one of many areas affected.

The Pennsylvania State Police just stated that the blimp has landed in Montour County and there are no injuries to report. According to CNN, the blimp deflated from around 16,000 feet. There are 30,000 people currently without power in Bloomsburg and the surrounding areas.

NORAD and other government agencies were out figuring out how to bring the blimp down safely. F-16 fighter jets were also out clearing airspace around the blimp so that it did not crash into anything in its path. CNN has also said that the blimp was carrying classified government information and technology.